Caribbean Fusions Recipe Book

Packed with Superfoods, our new Caribbean Fusions Recipe book will feature sweet treats for ALL members of the family. Some quick and easy and some will include Allergy Free options and a Dinner Plan.

Why is June 2015 not the release date?  – My Asthma stopped a lot of progress so I am now back on the mend and ready to pick up where I started.  Lots of videos and pictures had been taken but now there is no excuse, I am bringing it to you real soon.

Due now end of June 2016 make sure that you stock up on those superfoods that will really be a treat for the family.


Along with Superfoods I will be focusing on Allergy-Free options, especially for Asthmatics and their cousins (COPD, Eczema, Respiratory Conditions and more…






Baked doughnutsimage (30)image

Basic Baked Doughnut Recipe

Ingredients 250g White Spelt Flour 1/4 Cup Baobab 2 Tsp Quick Yeast 1 Tbsp Sugar 80 g Oat Milk mixed with 1/2 lemon juice until slightly curdled (make it into a thick cream) OR Coconut Cream   Preparing the Cuisine

  1. Combine all ingredients and form a soft dough
  2. Cover in dish with cling film (to avoid sticking to towel) and damp cloth in a warm place
  3. Leave to rise for 40 – 60 mins until doubled in size
  4. ‘Knock-Back’ and softly combine and knead
  5. Shape into either small circles or roll out and use cookie cutters for shapes that you desire
  6. Place on a lightly oiled Baking sheet, sprinkled with flour, and bake for 15-25 mins (depending on their size) at 180 oC
  7. Make sure a Tooth Pick comes out clean
  8. Sprinkle with Icing sugar and Leave to cool  OR Cool completely and make a simple glaze with Icing Sugar and 4 Squashed Strawberries.  Don’t add liquid as it will become too liquidy.
  9. Alternatively, melt cacao chocolate with Trex and smother those ‘Bad Boys’

Enjoy when cooled with fresh strawberries and summer fruits. Mmmmmmmmm