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What is Dahl you ask?

Dahl is a dried pulse, this could be lentils, peas or various types of beans).  In this post, I show you one of my quick meals that can be applied to any and all dried pulses.  We will not make every dahl variation a recipe in the book, however, we will give added suggestions and recipes for you to choose from.

I could write you a 100-150 recipe cookbook with the same recipe and different pulses, but that is not our approach!

In our cookbooks at Turnahpot you get 1 recipe with suggestions and variations included.  We do not trick you by just changing an ingredient and numerating it in our cookbooks to win customers.  No pretence and no recipe is repeated from book to book.

Our volumes will work together as a cohesive whole so that you can split up your recipes easily without walking around with a Ton of Paper in one book!

So, as an asthmatic myself always wondering, especially during a period of exacerbation and sensitivity to foods, what to eat I do find myself using some of my Trinidadian recipes along with European vegetable options.



Bake your potatoes in the oven so that it is crisp outside and fluffy inside.

Whilst all this loveliness is taking place:

  • Get 1 Tbsp Jeera and cook in 2 Tbsp Oil.
  • Add 5 crushed cloves of garlic and let it cook for only 40 seconds
  • Quickly add your pre-washed Split Peas or Lentils (these cook the quickest), and stir to coat the peas or lentils that you had pre-washed.
  • DO NOT ADD SALT yet as this will make the peas or lentils take longer to cook and harden them.  Put salt nearer the end.
  • Add tumeric and any other spices you wish (keep it as simple as possible to avoid overwhelming the natural great taste of these peas or lentils!)  Stir and coat peas.
  • Add 4-6 Cups of Water and cover and cook until almost tender.  Now ADD SALT to taste.  At this point you will find that you do not need much.
  • Sprinkle Fresh Coriander, 1 Tbsp infused olive oil and then remove from fire.
  • If you have a swivel stick, swivel the peas or lentils so that it looks like a soup texture.
  • Remove Baked Potatoe from the oven.  Place in your favourite wide bowl.
  • Split and fill with this beautiful Dahl.    So filling and Yummy.

Serve the remaining Dahl with Plain Rice and some green vegetables TOMORROW.

Bon Appetit :)