For all times of the year, I use Sorrel in so many ways.

Now, let us not confuse the green Sorrel used for cooking in various parts of the world.

The Sorrel, or hibiscus variety, that cover xmas2I am referring to is used throughout the Caribbean for special occasions and Christmas Holidays.

Jamaican Sorrel usually has stronger notes of Ginger, whereas other Caribbean Islands use Licquorice root and have a smooth taste without the Ginger burn.

I like them both for different occasions.

In addition, RUM is often used as a preservative and to make it more of a cocktail for Christmas ‘Grown Up’ Liming and parties.

I do not drink Alcohol but will share other natural preserving methods.

SorrelandCakeTurnahpot will be selling Caribbean Sorrel Kits with everything you need.

A basic recipe


2 Cups of Dried Sorrel

1 Pint Water

2 Cloves

6 Pimento balls

2 inch of Ginger root grated

1 bark of Cinnamon

1/4 Tsp Nutmeg

1-2 Cups of Soft Brown Sugar to taste



1.  Add all ingredients to a stewing pot and cook down until the Sepals of the Dried Sorrel become rehydrated and the Juice is a very dark rich colour.

2.  Add sugar to taste and let it simmer for about 10 mins more until the sugar is totally dissolved.

3.  Allow to cool and strain off the Juice into a Wide Mouthed glass jug or glass bottle (we will have these available also on our website).

4.  Either Add 1 Tbsp of White Rum for Preserving and 10 grains of RAW Rice – to avoid the bottle exploding, mix well and leave it corked in a cool and dark place until Christmas morning.  Alternatively, add about 10 grains of RAW Rice and cover.  Leave in a cool and dark place until Christmas morning but beware, it will ferment.  For fresher batches, make this at least 2 days before Christmas and store in the Refrigerator.


More to come from Turnahpot Kitchen with Discounts and Christmas Goodies.


Take care and have a beautiful Rainbow Day.


Chef J