Our home in 2013-2014



The Hub:  Our first step towards a Product Brand

In the earlier days of Foodtruly Ltd, our catering was taken to a physical destination.  Our Cafe Project was born.  Serving members of the public but also Teaching Young People and NEETS how to cook and develop skills, using the kitchen and preparing food and cake decorating as the environment.

One of my most exhilarating and exciting parts of my business was running a joint cafe project in 2013.


Customer Service

Daily, I had customers that needed variable ingredients and Allergy challenges.

It is always important to ensure your customers are catered for.  Indeed, why go into business if you do not want to provide what your customers need.

Oftentimes, Entrepreneurs forget that the world is only interested in their personal passion when they are fulfilling a NEED.


Be The Best 

In your efforts to fulfill this need, do not go into the grey areas of becoming upset with your customers because they cannot understand your passion.  It is best to educate yourself in finding ways to share this passion without making customers feel that they are forced into buying your product or service in the food industry.

It leaves a ‘Bitter Taste’ shall we say on their tongue and their lips.

Relax.  Breath. Learn.  Enjoy.

That is what the customer needs to see.

What we need to remember in the Food Industry, is to make their time with us a fulfilling one.

Touch all the buttons of their desires.


Let’s take this journey together and Cook Up A Rainbow


Chef J

Janice Weir-Germia