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Vegan Chef Bio

Where does Turnahpot come from?

Turnahpot is the Cookbook & Seasoning brand of Foodtruly Ltd, a Five Star food business owned by Chef Janice Weir-Germia. Foodtruly Ltd is renowned for its culinary delights and excellent flavours and ALLERGY adaptations for people who are Vegan & Vegetarian.

The concept of Turnahpot is to offer Freshly Ground Seasonings, Herbs & Spice blends that are Gluten Free. In addition, the publication of Cookbooks and Online Kindles so that Readers can access their beloved recipes anywhere in the world.

Secret recipes that were used for Foodtruly Ltd catering are a major portion of the cookbook publications so that Readers internationally can discover new ways of cooking colourful meals.

Does Turnahpot Invest in Others?

As a small business, we realise that many of our young people are finding it difficult to find employment as they lack experience. At Turnahpot, we offer training and hands-on work experience to Young People to develop skills for future careers. When you buy any of our products, you are also contributing to a young persons future!

What does Turnahpot offer?

Turn Ah Pot creates Rainbow Food Cookbooks teaching Readers how to cook a healthy meal with colour on their plates. From Antigua to Jamaica to Venezuela, Turn Ah Pot will cook you a rainbow, feed you a rainbow. The main emphasis is the Fusion of Caribbean Foods with the rest of the world.

Our Cookbooks are not just filled with recipes to create a big book, our cookbooks have tasty and tested recipes that you will be able to create at home. More than just offering recipes, we are sharing a generation of handed down recipes that you can tweak. You will learn how to make them your own by using tips and tricks.

Every book has a FREE Vegan Cake Project with Cake Decorating Tips.

Food Tours and Cooking Classes will be run throughout 2015-2016. Follow us on Twitter @turnahpot

Come Turn Ah Pot with Chef Janice Weir-Germia. Pick Up your Caribbean Cookbooks and Fusion Seasonings that are freshly ground.

Who is Chef Janice Weir-Germia?

Owner and Manager of Foodtruly Ltd, the Parent Company of Turnahpot


Holder of: CIM NVQ, BSc(Hons), PGCE, PgCert FSQM

Qualified Computing and Math Lecturer, Food Inspection Consultant, Trainer, Assessor, Chef

Owner of Accredited CIEH Centre to deliver Practical Food Safety level 2

Janice Weir-Germia had started her Culinary skills learnt from her gorgeous Trinidadian Mother who knows how to cook and always made sure we were fed as children. With her creative culinary marble cakes and savoury delights and 'famed' Daahl Puri Roti and Curries, that were not available in the shops when we were young. She cooked and baked for large numbers on a regular basis.

The Directors late Jamaican Grandmother, Mrs Joyce (On her Jamaican born Fathers' side) use traditional recipes. She was a PERFECT Jamaican Cook in every sense of the word. A style only known, today, by my Aunts that is reminiscent of the taste of Grannies cooking. Mrs Joyce was a Cafe/Restaurant owner in Islington in 1966 - One of the first Female Caribbean Entrepreneurs who ventured into front-line business as a Caribbean Take Away or Restaurant. The Entrepreneurial seed was sown for our Director.

Janice started studies in Dietetics and Nutrition in Jamaica where she lived and worked for 3.5 years and learnt family cooking secrets in Clarendon, Mandeville and Kingston and developed further Jamaican Culinary skills. Years later, after visiting Trinidad on occasions with family who Owned and Managed a well-known Catering business to VIPs and The Cricket Board, she developed Family Ingredient and Catering Business tips to further her Caribbean Culinary skills to include other Island foods.

This created an opportunity for Foodtruly Ltd to provide both normal and special dietary needs. These would be exhibited on the Foodtruly Ltd list of Products: Breads; Cakes and 3 course Meals with juiced drinks.

She later decided to continue developing these skills towards one day achieving a PGCE in Food Safety and Quality Management and becoming an Owner of her own Vegetarian Caribbean Catering Business.

With her love for life; and hygienically safe, healthy and extremely tasty food the concept of Foodtruly Ltd was born in late 2010. After much marketing research and promotion activites Foodtruly Ltd was formalised in January 2011.

Foodtruly Ltd came about after much demand from prior catering provisions made by her team since 1999 that were encountered by customers for events that she Catered for and sometimes Managed, on a regular basis.

Now as a Consultant in Food Safety and Food Legislation, with a view to finalising Food Inspector Credentials in 2014, you can also be assured that the services you receive are of exceptional quality.

The birth of Turnahpot in October 2014 was a small idea that quickly became a brand of is own. It decided to branch out from Foodtruly and stand alone! Turnahpot is growing from strength to strength and due to be released in June 2015 officially. In the meantime, Turnahpot is sharing and publishing cookbooks and recipes for everyone to taste and enjoy.

The Director invests in her skills and reskills her voluntary and contract staff so that EVERY CUSTOMER can benefit! When you invest in a Turnahpot, you also invest in a Young Person staying in employment as we skill young people from all walks of life to develop a brighter future. Turnahpot is then not just a product but also an employment provider. An extension of the ethos of Foodtruly Ltd.

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